Saturday, October 7, 2017

X-Men producer reveals why the Hellfire TV series was abandoned

While the first since then aired, with the second season in production, the latter, focusing on the villainous Hellfire club from the X-Men comics, could not get to the pilot stage.

Well, after talking with Entertainment Weekly, producer Loren Shuler Donner told why the project ever worked out of the ground, saying that it's "too many characters and not deep enough".

When Hellfire collapsed, Fox and Marvel turned their attention to another project X-Men The Gifted, which premiered worthy ratings and reviews last Monday.

If you are not familiar with The Hellfire Club, they are a secret society of rich people who seek to influence world events, and consider their members Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost and mastermind. The The Club version also proved to be the main antagonists in X-Men 2011: the first class.

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