Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fans accuse Chris Brown of 'drug use' after he appeared in this new interview (Videos)

Chris Brown was recently featured in an interview with the hip-hop and R & B radio power 105.1 FM in New York, where he expressed his true feelings for Jennifer Lopez and expressed his honest opinion about whether he was at half-time which would make SuperBowl.

The singer, who might have played comically during the entire interview with Angie Martinez, was accused of her lack of serenity for drug use.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

X-Men producer reveals why the Hellfire TV series was abandoned

While the first since then aired, with the second season in production, the latter, focusing on the villainous Hellfire club from the X-Men comics, could not get to the pilot stage.

Well, after talking with Entertainment Weekly, producer Loren Shuler Donner told why the project ever worked out of the ground, saying that it's "too many characters and not deep enough".

When Hellfire collapsed, Fox and Marvel turned their attention to another project X-Men The Gifted, which premiered worthy ratings and reviews last Monday.

If you are not familiar with The Hellfire Club, they are a secret society of rich people who seek to influence world events, and consider their members Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost and mastermind. The The Club version also proved to be the main antagonists in X-Men 2011: the first class.

Trump attacks late-night hosts with early morning tweet -- and Seth Meyers responded

Two weeks ago, President Donald Trump held his Saturday morning, battling with the superstar NFL and NBA Steve Curry via Twitter. Today, Trump has his 140 characters installed on the night hosts.

In an early morning tweet, Trump wrote: "Evening Night, the master [sic] is dealing with Democrats for their very" unconcerned "and repetitive materials, always anti-Trump! Should we get an equal time?

In the second tweet, Trump claimed: "More and more people are proposing that Republicans (and me) be given equal time for T.V. when you look at one-sided coverage?"

The Late Night Lair is dealing with Democrats for their very "unfunny" and repetitive materials, always anti-Trump! Should we get an equal time?

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2017

More and more people are proposing that Republicans (and me) be given equal time for T.V. when you look at one-sided coverage?

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2017

It seems that Trump watched Fox News on Saturday - in which the segment on nightly hosts participated - before he decided to tweet.

the President of the United States is spending his Saturday morning on the air, reading television news news coordinated by the dean-cain pic.twitter.com/3A9MAV76i1

- John Whitehouse (@existentialfish) October 7, 2017

In response, host Leth Night Seth Meyers wrote on Twitter an invitation to the president to appear on the NBC show ... sort of like.

"We will be happy to see you! The studio located in 15th prospectus Penguin, Antarctica, "wrote Meyers.

We will be happy to see you! The studio is located at: 15 Penguin Avenue, Antarctica. https://t.co/2MyQTYwecZ

- Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers) on October 7, 2017

A Twitter tweet comes two weeks after ABC night host Jimmy Kimmel spent the days attacking Trump and the Republican Party for his attempts to abolish the Affordable Care Act. Following the viral segments of Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel, it was shown that the host talked to Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) as part of his research for monologues.

Kimmel laughed at this news on September 25. "That's what happened. My wife and I were worried about health care. We did not like what the Republicans did, so we decided to have a child with congenital heart defects. And one day, when we went to our place, I went on TV, I said, and we could have stopped Cassidy Graham. I still can not believe that we took it off, but we did it!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Canada to Pay Millions in Indigenous Lawsuit Over Forced Adoptions

OTTAWA. The Canadian government said Friday that it will pay 750 million Canadian dollars for the settlement of indigenous peoples' claims that since the mid-1960s, and two decades after that were taken out of their communities, social workers and sent to the Non-Aligned foster families or adopted white families.

Many of the children were in the United States, and some even away from Europe and New Zealand. It is unclear how many children were affected; estimates are up to 30,000.

Although the settlement does not fully resolve all claims related to the government's adoption program is a step in an ambitious, if not the implementation of the Program of Prime Minister Dzhastina Tryudo, about how to avoid injustice against indigenous peoples in Canada.

"I do not know what people are thinking about," said Caroline Bennet, the minister of coronation relations, who announced the settlement in Ottawa on Friday morning.


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"I do not know why anyone - she continued, - why the settlers and the government thought they could do better than a village, what responsibility of superiors to make sure that everyone in the community healthy."

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Head Marsia Braun Martel from the First Nation Beyverhauza near Kirkland Lake, Ontario, lead plaintiff in the framework of group action, which was one of the cases that are settled on Friday, said that she hopes that this settlement will lead to further reform the social security systems of children.

"I have great hope that since we have reached this plateau, it will never happen again in Canada," said Chief Brown Martel in his statement.

In 1967 or 1968, when she was only 4 or 5 years old, Ms. Brown Martel and her sister were placed in the foster family by the children's social workers. It was repeatedly taken out of its reserve, perhaps 10 times, until 1972, when it was taken by an unloved family in South Ontario.

Usually known as the "Forty sixties" - because children were "scooped out" from their communities - the adoption program as a whole received less attention than the school system.

As part of the school program that began in the 19th century, indigenous children were placed in schools away from their homes to destroy local cultures and languages.

In 2008, the government of the Conservatives at the government apologized for the residential program in the framework of the settlement of the class action, which also included the payment of $ 1.6 billion Canadian dollars to the survivors of the system. The settlement created a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission that prepared a long list of recommendations, most of which Mr. Trudeau promised to implement.

In 1985, the adoption program was heavily criticized in a 1985 report by the Government of Manitoba. Two years ago, Manitoba became the first province to apologize for her role in the program.


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The action of the class in Ontario, which said that the government failed to fulfill its obligations to the indigenous peoples in the program, was delayed for eight years before a decision was made in favor of the plaintiffs in February.

If this is approved by the court, the settlement announced on Friday will be decided by this case and some others. The Government continues to negotiate with the plaintiffs in other cases, which, unlike the Ontario case, are also linked to the provinces and include allegations that the plaintiffs were abused by foster or adoptive families.

The government is also developing amounts for individual settlements and formulating official apologies. The announcement, announced on Friday, will include 50 million Canadian dollars for a fund to educate adopted children about their native languages ​​and cultures.

In an earlier judgment in the case Judge Edward P. Belobaba the Superior Court of Ontario program called adoption "well-intentioned but deeply ignorant" and found that it had a profound impact on children throughout their lives.

"There is also no dispute that much harm was done," he wrote in his decision in February. The "crossed out" children lost contact with their families. They lost their aboriginal language, culture and identity. Neither children nor their adoptive or adoptive parents were provided with information about the aboriginal heritage of children or about the various educational and other benefits that they were entitled to receive. The retired children disappeared "with a barely visible trace."

The program was, in some way, the successor of the school system, which folded in the 1960s.

While the federal government was responsible for the welfare of indigenous children - what is a provincial commitment when it comes to all other children - it did not have a single plan for providing such services. So, in 1965, he began to give provinces

Government officials, at least at the planning stages, made efforts to ensure that the new system was not destroyed.

When the program was adopted, the provinces were told that they should be managed and delivered. In Ontario, Judge Belobaba ruled that there never was.


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The result was a cultural clash.

Evidence presented during the hearing in Ontario in 2010 showed that "in indigenous communities there is no concept of adoption or guardianship, since all children are considered community responsibility."

At the same time, social workers, without any training in the field of indigenous life or culture, came to Aboriginal communities and dismissed children from situations in which, as established by the court, they were not ignored or endangered. The arrangements were simply different from how life was built in white Canada.

Non-native families, in which children fell, ranged from insulting to loving and caring. But rarely they brought up children in their origin. Some children were told that their parents were Spanish or Italian.

The government kept a special register of children who were taken, the court said, but never contacted the children. It seems that very few people have done it.

Although this was not the goal of the program, Judge Belobaba wrote that she might have a stronger method of assimilation than the school system.

"Residential schools detained children for 10 months of the year, but at least the children stayed in one of their peers, they always knew their first nation of origin and who they were, and they knew that they would be at home, often forever.

The program ended in Ontario in 1984, when the province changed it, that they should be in their communities when possible.

Storms kill 2 in Poland and raise regional death toll to 9

Warsaw Poland. A severe storm ravaged parts of western Poland at night, killing two people and increasing the number of dead in the region to nine.

Strong winds.

Pavel Fratchak, a representative of firefighters, said on Friday that tens of thousands of households were without electricity after the fallen trees broke the power lines.

The storm was killed by a 67-year-old man who tried to strengthen his house with a roof and a 58-year-old woman, crushed by a falling tree. According to officials, 39 people were injured.

Prime Minister Beata Shidlo visited the city of Zielona Gora, located in the region most affected by it, met with local officials and promised financial assistance for repairs.

Firefighters also worked on Friday to remove fallen trees and help protect hundreds of damaged roofs.

The storm also devastated the Park of the Habsburg Palace in the town of Zywiec.

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Scot facing three years in Dubai jail for ‘touching man’s hip’

SCOTSMAN faces three years in prison in Dubai after he touched the man's thigh, trying not to spill his drink in a crowded bar. 

The "cultural misunderstanding" left Jamie Harron, stuck in Dubai for three months, in prison, unemployed and in huge amounts of debt.

The 27-year-old Jamie spent more than £ 32,000 on costs and legal costs trying to resolve this issue while he was also deprived of his documents. The electrician, who from Stirling, Scotland, was in Dubai with a two-day stop when he returned to work in Afghanistan. He was held in the UAE since July 15 on two charges of drinking alcohol and public obscenity.

 And his family is increasingly worried about getting him home after his passport was seized when he was released on bail. The drama unfolded when Jamie drank with friends at the Rock Bottom Bar in Dubai, a popular place for young people in the Tecom area of ​​the city. Jamie and his friend bought their first drink in a crowded bar when he put a hand on the man's thigh to make sure they did not beat or pour their drinks.

The police turned around and arrested Jamie, who says that he was imprisoned without knowing it. He said that the prosecutor later told him that he was charged with drinking alcohol and "public obscenity". Jamie denies this last accusation, arguing that his only intention was not to spill a drink. But tourists who consume alcohol on licensed sites in Dubai, can still be arrested for consuming alcohol in their system ....

Most visitors are aware of this fact, and a number of British citizens have been caught by this controversial application of the law. After the initial arrest, Jamie was fired from his job in Afghanistan and now relies on the charity of friends for a living. He had to visit the court on Sunday. He said: "I'm really dumbfounded." I have witnesses who are ready to stand trial, even bouncing in a bar. "

"I can not believe that I am confronted with these allegations when I fully complied with the laws. "Now it is possible that I will be arrested on Sunday because I did not appear at a court hearing, which neither I nor my lawyer told me." After the arrest, Jamie spent in the notorious prison of Al Barsha, where he claims that he was not allowed to wash himself or brush his teeth.

He said that he was left in a "dirty smelling" cell with eight other nationalities sleeping on the floor with "one disgusting mattress between them." Jamie was detained, but his passport was confiscated so that he could not leave the country. He claims that he missed the "secret hearing" because he knew nothing about it. Jamie added: "Of course, if I knew that there was a change in the date of the trial, I would be there. "I waited for months to appear, and now it seems that I will be arrested when I go to the hearing. "This is completely unfair, and I can not understand how I can be sentenced for failing to appear when I was not even informed about the hearing." Radha Stirling, general manager of a detainee in Dubai, a British non-governmental organization heading a campaign to help him, said: "Jamie is under tremendous pressure and stress.

 "Jamie told the lawyer that he is at high risk of being imprisoned for up to three years. "It's pretty outrageous that it's been a long time in the country. "This is another example of how vulnerable tourists should be arrested and detained in Dubai, as well as how the trials are delayed and disorganized. "We have received a wave of new cases when British citizens are detained in Dubai, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office needs to increase travel warnings to citizens planning to visit or reside in the country.

"If Jamie is sentenced to imprisonment, he faces human rights violations and torture. "The High Court of England ruled against extradition to the UAE on the basis of" a very real danger of unfair trials and torture, "but the British government refused to increase warnings, mainly because of their financial and diplomatic ties with the UAE."

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Chrissy Teigen goes from drab to glam in amazing makeover clip...but Check out shirtless John Legend in the background

 Chrissie Tagen on Wednesday showed her stunning transition from gray to glamor in an incredible make-up clip.

In the video she shared with Instagram, the model documented the entire glamor procedure that was performed by the glam team in less than 60 seconds.

Chrissy went from dizziness to shut up completely, making her look like a sexy kitty in the video she was shooting in what seems like a hotel room in Paris, where her husband John Legend had a concert.

John Legend was also seen in the frame when he followed Tagen with only a towel around his waist.