Thursday, September 28, 2017

America's Cup 2021 rules reveal

We have Duncan Johnstone and Marvin France at the launch in Auckland and they will be bringing us all the information.

Some questions we are looking for answers to include

* Exactly where and when will the event be held?
* What will the boats be like - we already know they’ll be monohulls?
* What sort of buildup events will there be?
* How many challengers will be allowed?
* How many boats will the challengers and the defender be allowed?
* How big will the crews be?
* What will the rules around foreign crew members be?
* What will the rules around where you can build your boat be?
* Who will be in charge of the event?

Team NZ announces the protocol for the 2021 America's Cup, from the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in Auckland.

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